Nimkraft – A mission

We at Nimkraft strive to be synonymous with the word Augmented Reality. AR is an up and coming field and is sure to be the next big thing.Augmented reality (A.R)is the integration of digital information with the user’s environment in real time. This dream of ours was set with a visit to the technological capital of the world, Silicon Valley. Being digitally incubated at startup village, We have good mentors and past experiences to make this a reality. One of the major experiences being visiting Facebook HQ, Menlo Park, California. The many striking achievements in augmented reality is being done by Facebook which was demonstrated to us there. The advent of technologies like machine learning, A.I and Computer Vision has led to the development of augmented reality possible now more than ever. The huge rise in mobile computing power and graphics processing has also led to ease in this field. Technology is at its forefront to make this vision a reality. The applications of this technology are seemingly unlimited, used in the fields of Advertising, Education, Architecture and Machine design.

               At Nimkraft we aim to develop a rich environment around the field of 3D vision including Augmented reality, Virtual reality and Area learning.As this generation grew up with the idea of the internet and mobile computing, the next generation is going to know an era with Alternate realities. People use AR even now without them even knowing, Through apps like snapchat and Instagram filters.The vision is great, which can be backed by the fact that unicorns like Google and Facebook are moving into AR and VR. Although, to make it possible we need a team that believes in this idea. At nimkraft, we aspire for exactly this and welcome anyone who can go hand in hand in to achieve this vision.

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